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How will you know if a guy is going to be good in bed?

Even if these signs are present in the man that you’re seeing, it is not a 100% guarantee that he is going to be excellent in bed.

The prefix, Tan, means “to expand, join or weave.” The latter part, tra, means “tool.” Therefore, the definition of the term Tantra has a two-fold meaning – a tool to expand, liberate, and bring together.

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Every surface has the potential to be an incognito altar.

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A potential partner needs to sense that you have space for them, in all ways.

I remember someone telling me to always sleep in your own guest room.

Unless you ask the last few girls they slept with, you can never know how a guy really is in bed.

You can assume the best of them when they treat you well, but that is not the only precursor to their prowess in the sack.

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